Generation End News



Kurt Cobain Note About Courtney Love, Found in His Wallet at Death Scene, Shared By Seattle Police  (Pitchfork)

Pakistani Baby Goes on the Lam After Being Accused of Attempted Murder (The Wire)

World’s most expensive dog? Pup sold for $2 million  (CNBC)

First Ever Aerial Footage of Uncontacted Amazon Tribe  (Reshareable)

A Guy Recreated All His Favorite Characters With Terrible Cosplay  (CollegeHumor)

RT America’s Liz Wahl Resigns Live On Air | Liz Wahl Quits RT LIVE over Ukraine (YouTube)

Rachel Canning: Judge rules parents don’t have to pay college fees of daughter who tried to sue them  (The Independent)

Teen girls allegedly racially abused, assaulted elderly indigenous man  (Yahoo! 7)

Ugandan tabloid prints list of ‘top 200 homosexuals’  (The Guardian)

Archrival Is Freed as Ukraine Leader Flees (New York Times)

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland allegedly assaulted outside Qantas event (Sydney Morning Herald)

Renewed assault on Ukraine protests (BBC News)

Pussy Riot members are released in Sochi (BBC News)

French chefs hit back at ‘food porn’ photos in their restaurants (telegraph.co.uk)

Actress Ellen Page reveals she is gay to audience  (BBC News)

Wedding Videographer Sued by Unhappy Bride  (SLR Lounge)

SpaceX’s Elon Musk and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talk Manned Mars Missions (Video) (space.com)

Schapelle Corby swaps prison cell for private villa at Sentosa Seminyak (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Naked man shot to death after eating teen’s face, assaulting cop  (news.com.au)

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Four questioned in connection with drugs at actor’s New York apartment  (ABC News)

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of suspected drug overdose  (Euronews)

An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow  (New York Times)

Ian Thorpe admitted to rehab to battle depression and alcohol abuse (Herald Sun)

Porn Star Christy Mack Offers Oral Sex To Best Lego Builder On Twitter (SocialNewsDaily)

Justin Bieber arrested for drag racing, driving under the influence and resisting arrest in Miami Beach  (news.com.au)

Teen stabs 11-year-old sister Dora Betancourt 40 times (news.com.au)

Man offers one million yuan to rent girlfriend, PhD or virgin preferred  (Shanghaiist)

HIV-positive student Michael Johnson aka Tiger Mandingo ‘filmed sex victims’ at Lindenwood University (ninemsn.com.au)

Dick Chibbles: The Man, The Myth, The Chewbacca In ‘Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody’ (Huffington Post)

‘I don’t think young girls should pursue modelling’: Charlotte Dawson announces she’s leaving Australia’s Next Top Model after five series (Mail Online)

Facebook fan takes long walk off short pier (ABC News)

STD Test? There’s an App for That  (New York Observer)

Remembering Zina Nicole Lahr (Puppet Vision Blog)

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Executed His ‘Worse Than a Dog’ Uncle (ABC News)

Teen hits Twitter after mowing down grandma  (news.com.au)

German police officer arrested on suspicion of killing willing man who fantasized about being eaten (Edmonton Journal)

Bieber ordered to clean Gold Coast graffiti (ninemsn.com.au)

Brazilian who auctioned off virginity wants to sell it again (The Raw Story)

Teen Thrown In Violent New York Prison For Years Without Ever Having Been Convicted (Huffington Post)

Baby stabbed 90 times in the face by mom in China after he bit her during breastfeeding (Daily News)

Typhoon Haiyan: Millions wait for aid in Philippines as Vietnam braces for storm (abc.net.au)

Conservative white Republican Dave Wilson pretended he was black to win election (news.com.au)

Finnish hitchhiker taken on horror ride in New Zealand (news.com.au)

Former world’s fattest man Paul Mason meets online girlfriend for first time (news.com.au)

Thief hits dozens of banks but instead of stealing money takes floor mats (news.com.au)

Indian teenager commits suicide after parents ban her from Facebook (Herald Sun)

Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?  (theguardian)

Unbeliebable: 33-year-old Bieber fanatic has $100k of plastic surgery to look like his idol (dailymail.co.uk)

Chlamydia ‘skyrocketing’ among young, half a million new infections last year (news.com.au)

Malaysian students told not to attend Anwar Ibrahim’s lecture at Festival of Ideas (ABC News)

Remember the baby from Nirvana’s “Nevermind” cover? He is 20. Feel old yet? (L4LM)

Generation Y: Home ownership a distant goal (ABC News)

Walter White’s Underpants Sell For $9,900 (Pedestrian.tv)

Who’s the sexiest woman alive? Esquire magazine says it’s Scarlett Johansson (Fox News)

26 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them (BuzzFeed)

Davecat tells how he married a RealDoll named Sidore Kuroneko (news.com.au)

TLC’s ‘The Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum’: 5 Things to Know (Video) (The Hollywood Reporter)

Police called in after four-year-old found with meth at daycare centre (ABC News)

Here’s Pt. 1 of Kanye West’s Interview with Zane Lowe (Complex)

HIV-Infected Porn Actors Cameron Bay And Rod Daily Speak Out, Call For Condoms On Film Sets (International Business Times)

Zac Effron’s Rehab Stint Was For Cocaine, Not Alcohol (pedestrian.tv)

Back to Twerk: Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video goes ballistic on YouTube  (Sydney Morning Herald)

US driver confesses ‘I killed a man’ in online video, faces homicide charges (ABC News)

Iowa grants gun permits to the blind (Yahoo! News)

Coroner told teen suicide victim Michaela Mundy had waited more than a year to see a psychiatrist (ABC Online)

Iowa student Samantha Goudie blows .341 at game, becomes American legend  (Larry Brown Sports)

Kim Jong-un, North Korean leader, reportedly has ex-girlfriend, 11 others executed (Sydney Morning Herald)

No, That Wasn’t Will Smith Reacting to Miley Cyrus  (Slate)

The true story behind Pain & Gain (The Guardian)

POV Crane Climb in Southampton, UK with James Kingston (YouTube)

College Student’s Speech Makes Him King of the Nerds  (Mashable)

Wentworth Miller Comes Out As Gay (Yahoo!7 News)

Bank intern Moritz Erhardt found dead after working ’72 hours straight’  (Sydney Morning Herald)

Stressed doctor cuts off patient’s penis  (The Telegraph)

Computer expert hacks into Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page to expose the site’s vulnerability after his security warnings were dismissed (…they’re taking it seriously now though) (Daily Mail)

Australian baseballer Christopher Lane shot dead in US (Sydney Morning Herald)

New ‘Information’ Revives Princess Diana Conspiracy Theories (The Atlantic Wire)

Hackers force Mother Monster’s new single (2day)

Tony Abbott’s gay marriage fashion statement under fire (The Age)

NSW policeman Marc Osborn found guilty of filming sex with women without their permission (The Daily Telegraph)

Kourtney Kardashian hit with paternity lawsuit: Model Michael Girgenti says he is Mason’s father, asks for joint custody (New York Daily News)

Teen Choice Awards 2013: The stars, performers and nominees  (CBS News)

Supersize mum who dreams of becoming the world’s fattest woman reveals she’s marrying a CHEF (Mail Online)

Dark reality of teenage girls’ selfies  (Essential Kids)

Research chemical NBOM-e linked to drug deaths of teenagers Henry Kwan, Nick Mitchell, Preston Bridge  (ABC News)

Chris Brown says he may quit music  (Entertainment Weekly)

Found hanged, schoolgirl Hannah Smith told to kill herself by online bullies (news.com.au)

Sizing each other up: World’s shortest man and woman meet for the first time in history to launch Guinness World Records book (Mail Online)

I gave up modeling for God (New York Post)

Vanished without a trace – have you seen these missing people? (news.com.au)

Angelina Jolie Tops Our List Of Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actresses (Forbes)

Pope: ‘Who am I to judge’ gay people?  (NBC News)

Miss Malaysia World organiser and dropped finalists regret ban (The Star Online)

Beach overrun for Pope’s Final Mass (Ninemsn)

Ariel Castro avoids death penalty with plea deal in Cleveland kidnappings (Chicago Tribune)

Cleveland Kidnapping Update: Victim could face Ariel Castro in court, source tells CBS (CBS News)

Kate Middleton and Prince William Name Baby George Alexander Louis (ABC News)

Amanda Bynes is on mental lockdown  (USA Today)

What a Daft Punk! Florence Welch crashes the stage at a gig to give a drunken rendition of Get Lucky (Mail Online)

Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to baby boy (The Telegraph)

Kate Moss Literally Dies For “Totally Addictive” Dumb Ways To Die App  (Pedestrian.tv)

Kate Middleton embraces her royal roles (Washington Post)

Talia Castellano, YouTube makeup star, dies at 13 (Washington Post)

Cory Monteith Died of Mixture of Heroin and Alcohol: Coroner (People)

Agnieszka Radwanska Dropped as Catholic Spokesperson After Posing Nude for ESPN (Bleacher Report)

Rent a Japanese boyfriend, girlfriend, an entire family or watch the movie (Tokyo Reporter)

Trayvon Martin shooting: Teen threatens ‘mass homicide’ on Twitter if George Zimmerman is acquitted (Daily News)